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This cookbook is different.

Instead of text...


...it uses cartoons!



This means that you see

- which pots, implements, etc. to use

- what can be done in parallel

- how the various intermediate products get merged together

- the ingredients when they are used (rather than as a list at the beginning nowhere near their use)

- recognise the recipes immediately while thumbing through (unlike text recipes which all look the same)

- clear, unambiguous notation (like critical-path diagrams formulae for weights, cooking times, etc.)

- hints and tests to ensure success (like the famous Hoi-Sin-Sauce comparison)

- it's more fun and colourful!

Lots of advantages !

So instead of having one finger in the recipe text, one on the list of ingredients, and two arms at the stove, you see everything clearly

laid out for you so you can use both hands for cooking. The recipes have been gleaned from various sources (mainly friends, restaurants

and other - inferiour - cookbooks), then optimised to maximise pleasure whilst stripping away any unnecessary effort (compare our Peking Duck

recipe to the original!). Finally all have been tested until they are bug-free. We use them every day.

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